Mr & Mrs Brilliant perform SoundMedicine; that is, using sound and tones to create deep relaxation, where by participants can undo negative emotions/memories and therefore release anything that maybe holding them back or causing them to repeat negative behaviour patterns.

Mr & Mrs Brilliant’s SoundWave™️

Bring your duvet and luxury pillows or simply a yoga mat and lay down and relax, let the sound vibrations transform and transport you to your place of sacred serenity.

Open to all from the newcomer (cautiously exploring new ways of being) and those more familiar with the holistic approach to well-being and being well: using sacred instruments from across the globe, we are as a conduit for the divine for you. Revealing and encouraging you to allow the healing you desire in this moment. 

Comfort yourself in the warm embrace of Mr & Mrs Brilliant’s SoundWave™️.



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