March 10


08:00 pm - 08:30 pm

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According to leading astrologers march there are lines of energy, geometrically, being created between the planets this month.  How awesome is that?!!! For the whole of March the emphasis is on a surge in raising consciousness  and planting the seeds for the whole of 2019.  The equinox is fast approaching and this is the time to prepare for it!  The moon is in its Waxing crescent and going into the first quarter this week so you need to start thinking about the seeds you have planted and spend time nurturing them in your mind.  Keep your eyes out for synchronicity’s that your seeds are developing – draw information to yourself about your plan, watch and nurture the flow and a shifts in your life.  As ever you are on the look out for synchronicity’s and researching and inviting information to yourself regarding your seeds and plans for 2019.

Moving into the first quarter is the period of releasing fear around these seeds and progressions, its a time of transformation which can be uncomfortable for some.  Perhaps a great way to approach this is to make time to connect with your breath and hold your heart or any other part of you that needs holding at least twice a day (beginning and end of day are usually great).
It great to use these connective times to encourage yourself to feel as though you are living in a reality in which your seeds and plans are already realised. If any complications arise then try to release the urge to control then, and in doing so this will give you the space to choose how and if you will interact with the situation (hopefully from a place of calm, wise detachment!).

We are already in mercury retrograde and towards the end of this week we’ll be mid retrograde.  The second half of march is set up to be full of action and very busy.  The seeds you have sown since the beginning and the research you’ve been doing….not to mention the cosmic planting/gardening are set to ripen at full pace throughout and towards to second half and end of the month.

Have an awesome week, be in contact if you want to connect and Be Brilliant!!!

Practical info:

Each week we explore a different aspect of the moon cycle, Celtic calendar and shamanic Medicine Wheel, helping us to connect more deeply with the world around us.

To get the most out of this, make sure you have everything set up before hand, a comfortable & quiet space to sit or lay down, a good set of headphones (not too loud), maybe an eye mask.

Clear all distractions and make this time your time, unwinding from the week/weekend just gone and being present in this moment NOW.

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