Sound as part of a transformational healing process.

Mr & Mrs Brilliant create sublime music and immersive sound journeys.

Known as SoundMedicine, Mr & Mrs Brilliant use sound and tones to induce deep relaxation, so you can resolve negative emotions & memories and therefore release anything that maybe holding you back or causing you to repeat negative behaviour patterns.

We believe you are brilliant & perfect, our job is to help you realise you’re already brilliantly perfect too.

Be Brilliant ⭐️

The Brilliant Gathering

A day with us and our favourite people in the luxurious surroundings of the Brilliant Manor.


Mr & Mrs Brilliant’s SoundWave™️: to transform and heal on a cellular and soul level. Wielding the magical world of word and sound, we invite you into a powerful and unique journey of the soul.

One-to-one sessions

We hope that we may inspire and encourage you to accept your truth, and know you already have the strength to embrace and pursue it completely.

Tour dates

Find out if we’re going to be near you soon.