SoundWave™️ Online Series.


Live & interactive SoundWaves™️ on the World Wide Web.


Broadcast direct to you whether you’re at home or travelling across the globe.

Join us for the November edition. Every Thursday at 8pm (GMT). Set your clock and block out your diary. Make this your time, your chance to relax, your chance to release and centre yourself…

So, go on, light the candles, dim the lights, turn up the heating and dig out your favourite comfort blanket. Make Thursday nights a date with yourself because true love begins with self love and when you love yourself completely you can love everyone completely.

Watch this to find out more about our SoundWaves™️ > > >

Want to see what a SoundWave is like? Watch this 6 min clip from one of our LiveStream SoundWaves ™️ > > >


If you have a little more time on your hands why not try something a little more immersive. This is a full SoundWave™️, the hellos, introductions and good-byes have been cut, and this is what we send out to all of our surfers within 24hours of each broadcast (so they can continue listening throughout the week).

This recording is 42 minutes long, so definitely find a comfortable place to sit or lay down, dig out a good pair of headphones and close your eyes (make sure you’re not going to be disturbed).

Just add the password peace (all lowercase) and you will be granted access.


Bring yourself. You need to show up! it’s just not going to be any use if you can’t make it. So, please make sure you’ve blocked out the time in your diary and that everyone knows you’re busy. Remember to switch your phone off (if you’re not using it that is).



Bring your whole self! The more open and receptive you are to this experience, the more effective it will be. So when you turn up, be open, be committed and be kind to yourself. This process is for release and though this may be unnerving and even uncomfortable in the moment, the process of ‘letting go’ of ones baggage is quite literally as liberating as it sounds.



Prepare your space. Make it comfortable, perhaps not so comfortable that you fall asleep, but definitely comfortable enough so you don’t fidget. If you do fall asleep easily, perhaps sitting up is best…and if you have difficultly getting comfortable, make sure everything you think you may need is to hand.



Go to the toilet! This kind of thing isn’t really conducive to toilet breaks, it’s just not long enough, so please nip to the loo before we begin and perhaps don’t sink a pint of water before we start.



Definitely avoid alcohol and coffee (or any other kinds of stimulants/depressants). If at all possible turn up as ‘clean’ as you can (even take a bath) before the SoundWave™️ so you can get the most from it. Maybe turn the whole event into a kind of ritual.



HeadPhones & Speakers. Obviously the better the speakers the better the experience, but they don’t have to break the bank. A good set of headphones can really make a difference and T.Vs and car stereos can have a fabulous sound. Something to consider is that the range of frequencies we use is huge, from deep sub bass, to Laura’s incredible soaring soprano notes…so to get the most from this experience, perhaps try a few different things out and settle with the best one…DO NOT USE YOUR DEVICES SPEAKERS, (PHONE/TABLET/LAPTOP/COMPUTER). THEY WILL NOT BE GOOD ENOUGH AND WILL IMPAIR THE SOUND SO MUCH THAT THE SOUNDWAVE™️ WILL BE COMPRIMISED. However, if all you have is your iPhone and accompanying headphones, these will do. We just thought we’d bring it to your attention. The better quality of speaker you use, the better quality experience you’ll have.




This is live-streamed, that means that what you are seeing is happening in real time. It is not pre-recorded and therefore requires a fairly stable internet connection. Broadband, definitely…fibre broadband is recommended. If for any reason the connection becomes intermittent, the recording is automatically uploaded once the broadcast is finished, this will be unbroken/clean recording. Then, over the next 24 hours we edit and repost the event and email you a link, so you can return to it throughout the week.


Once everything is in place, and the time is right, click the link, add your unique password, say hello and relax.