The Deprogrammer Series

Deprogram learned beliefs – create harmonious core beliefs – transform your world

Believe, commit, create your reality

Hi! It’s Mr & Mrs Brilliant here. The warmest of welcomes to your deprogramming series – and thank you for taking this step.

By embarking on this path, you’re choosing to commit:

  • to transformation, 
  • to observing and deprogramming old beliefs,
  • to creating the life and the world in which you wish to live.

In our formative years we all learn beliefs, behaviours, patterns, triggers and habits from those around us – most commonly our immediate family and adult carers. The core beliefs that we form during this time will fundamentally shape how we meet and interact with the world around us.

These core beliefs are encoded within neural pathways – synapses –  responsible for how we behave and react in any given situation. They are the basis of our habitual ways of living.

This is a program of practice to help you to shift certain limiting core beliefs and their corresponding behaviours; offering you a path to realise your limitless potential. It isn’t a magic formula, nor does it come with guarantees. Individual commitment and effort are the key ingredients in this path, which has been transformational for many. Don’t be despondent if you feel it isn’t suited to you: many paths and practices can guide you to similar outcomes. But speaking personally, this is the fastest, most thorough route to enduring change in core beliefs and reality that either of us has encountered.

The course is made up of daily tasks, which are great fun to complete. Each week you’ll be asked to follow the  corresponding written instructions and audio recordings.

Sound is an integral element of the series, with audio exercises featuring specially composed, instrumental SoundWaves. Sound has the potential to transform us at cellular and soul levels – and here your focus will be directed to specific frequencies, to help induce a deeply relaxed and creative state for your inner work.  

You can’t change anything by doing the same things that you have always done  

You must complete the series if you wish to see results.

Have a great time creating a life you love!

Mr & Mrs Brilliant


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